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Recently I have been diagnosed with a fragrance and kathon allergy. Kathon is a chemial that is found in a lot of cosmetics and lotions and such. Now I'm suffering from itchy flakey scalp! I had to get a prescription steroid mousse for my scalp to help soothe it which helped but now my scalp flakes all the time and its embarassing. I need to find new products to use for my hair. Shampoo/cond and styling. Any suggestions would be great. I have 3c curls. Here is a pic
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Google treslite conditioner it has no persevatives, silicones, protein free, paraben free. All natural!
You can get Jessicurl products in an unscented version. I think Marie Dean does as well.
Coarse texture, normal-high porosity, normal elasticity (Komaza Care), very weak waves
cleanser: Redken Fresh Curls Shampoo, CJ Daily Fix

rinse out: GVP Conditioning Balm, CJ Beauticurls, CJ Smoothing

jellies/creams: CR Curl Maker, KCCC
gels: CJ CQ, CJ Pattern Pusha, BRHG

I have fragrance allergies too. JC and Marie Dean both do have unscented options, as well Spiral Solutions.
Cosmetology Educator with sensitivities, eczema and Seborrheic Dermatitis.
Low poo: looking
COWash: Eden, cheapo condish, CJDF
RO: varies
Protein: CJCF or CJRM
LI: varies, usually KCKT
Stylers: KCCC, CRNCM, UFDCM, Curls gel, ecostyler

Lady Karaan, High Priestess of Hayr Tretements in the Order of Curly Crusaders
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The line is actually called Curelle it's a Canadian product but you can buy it online I highly recomend it one of the most healthiest pure(paraben,perservative, silicone, chemical FREE!) I have come across!
avalon organics has poo , co and body lotion unscented and cg friendly, olive and grapeseed co. I really like them! good luck!
yogawaves, formerly known as yogagirl

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