I am traveling in 2 days, and just realized I can't bring my UNITE scruncha gel because it's not under 3 oz and they don't sell a travel size. I'm not going to pay to check my luggage just for one product! but I can't live without it!

Does anyone have an alternative that's almost as good as UNITE scruncha gel? I've never found anything like it and I love it so so much.

OR is there a way to transfer the product into another container? it's a gel that turns into a mousse once it's exposed to air, so I can't think of any way to keep it airtight while transferring it to another container. I don't think it can be done?

Plus there's no where to buy it where I'm going, trust me- I checked!

I'm going to be in a wedding and my hair will look so awful without it any ideas??

FYI- I'm a 3A with long layered hair, I wash/condition with loreal everpure conditioner with a tsp of jojoba oil about 2x per week, never shampoo, loreal evercreme spray conditioner to combat frizzies/flatness in between washes, and UNITE scruncha gel after each wash.
also, going through the texture descriptions, I have low porosity, high density, coarse width, kind of in between 2C and 3A but I do have actual ringlets- sorry I'm new at this!

ETA: forgot to mention, I live in ca and I'm traveling to the east coast, so I will also have to battle humidity that my hair is not used to.

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