Inexpensive shampoo and conditioner

@johari and lady m both of those products are old school for me lol! I used to use them all the time and then I stopped and moved to pantene(which is a big no no I eventually came to find out)
I recommend,loreal evercreme nourishing shampoo(not intense nourishing,creme of nature argan oil shampoo
elasta qp creme conditioning shampoo

tresemme naturals w/olive oil
gvp conditioning balm
mane n tail for protein and detangling
aussie moist if u use silicones

all the shampoos don't get ur hair tangled or frizzy, in fact they leave ur hair well moisturized and I have 3c 4a hair.
I use and love Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle shampoo and conditioner (3a or 3b hair here). You can usually get both for $10 total!!
@sus I like the botanics they have pretty much all natural and the conditioner is really creamy and thick which i like....

Now I use the trader joes natural botanics shampoo... Vo5 conditioner(shea cashmere and repairing cond) these work good as leave ins too the shea works better as leave in... I use equal parts water and conditioner as a refresher put both of these in a spray bottle

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