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Hi everyone! Has anyone tried this line, any thoughts??? Silicon,sulfates, paraben, mineral oil and petrolatum oil free

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not for sure about my other "stuff"
Still new and trying to get a routine
My friend tried it, it wasnt that great of a product I would try the shea moisture line
The shea butter seemed to be to "heavy" on my hair...but maybe I was using it wrong

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not for sure about my other "stuff"
Still new and trying to get a routine
Anyone else???

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not for sure about my other "stuff"
Still new and trying to get a routine
In the CURLS line from Sally Beauty I love the Coconut Curlada and I use it all the time. The biggest problem with it is it comes in a measly 8 oz. bottle, and that may as well be travel-sized for me. (I buy 33.8 oz bottles whenever I can). I also really like CURLS Lavish Curls spray for a second-day refresher. Occasionally I use Creme Brulee, and I have a bottle of the Goddess Curls for whenever I may need/want to use a gel. I usually don't like gels, but Goddess Curls works for me. I have the Passion Fruit Control Paste, and I use that to hold down hairs that stick up, etc. (Not often, but if I need a pomade, I'll use this one.)

The one CURLS product my hair hates is the Creamy Curl Cleanser. I found it to be rough, stripping, tangling, drying, and all-around horrible.

One of the nicest products from Sally's, which is very well-liked here on the boards, is GVP Conditioning Balm. It's usually around $5.00, and it's a multi-use product.
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The Goddess gel was... decent on me, but not great, it kind of dried out my hair unless I used a LOT of leave-in. This is the only non-scented product I tried.

The Creme brulee smelled sickly sweet. Reminded me of when I have really high blood sugar, so I didn't like it.

There was a pomade I can't remember the name of. It was also really sweet smelling but was decent for scrunching out crunch.

I think I'd have liked the line more if it didn't smell so bad!
I love Creme Brulee. I have 4a hair and it really defines and moisturizes my curls. I also adore the scent. Maybe it is better suited to type 4 hair more so than the less afro hair 0).
Do you have finer hair I would recommend gels and hair lotions in my opinion the curls line dries the hair out a little as someone has already stated ...hey have u tried the devacurl line it is pricey i will admit that .... i tried the set it free lotion and the gel.... the gel worked but dried my hair out u should try the set it free its creme/lotion but it wasnt that heavy

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