Blue Magic Coconut Oil Conditioner?

I just recently saw this at the grocery store and bought it because it looked interesting. I've heard that coconut oil is supposed to elongate curls, right? I DEFINITELY need elongation and weight...I have way too much volume and poofy tight curls. The only ingredients are Petrolatum , Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera), Fragrance . Does it look good? Before I try it, I just wanted to make sure this is something that could work. Thanks!
I have a feeling most of the product is going to be Petrolatum. See if you can go to the health food store and buy coconut oil on its own...that might be better for your hair.
thanks...that's kind of what i was thinking too. It definitely looks like that. I tried a little bit on my hair a little while ago, and it did not feel very good. it was really sticky and drying. don't think i'll be trying it again...
Ok I remeber using this back when I was kid... It was a very long time ago, but I remember this smelling really good but VERY greasy and it didn't do much for my hair. It's definitely not something I would use now. The consistency is similar to vaseline.
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I agree with everyone here. I think it will be way too greasy for you to use. I bought it myself a couple of months ago to use, but it was just greasy, and did absolutely nothing for my hair or scalp. I am using Vatika oil at the moment. You might want to try virgin coconut oil. That is much lighter than the Blue Magic, and it smells of real coconuts !
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I used to use it before CG, it is very greasy, I wouldn't put it on my hair now, now that I know better. I really like Coconut milk as well as oil. I like to use it as a DT or as a leave in.
Where do I find just plain 'ol virgin coconut oil? I've always wanted to try it.
NOOOOOOOO! I tried that stuff and it messed my hair up SO bad. It was greasy and disgusting, and the crap took a lot of 'poo scrubbing to wash out. Bad bad news.

You're way smarter than me, asking before you try!
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Phew! Thank you so much for your advice!!! Hehe I think that is something that I will throw in the garbage.

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