How do I get a conditioner like the ones that come in hair color boxes

I finally figured out why my hair is damaged besides my straightening it I kind of forgot I bleached my hair.When I had used permanent hair dyes my hair wasn't as damaged as it is when I use bleach. Bleached my hair but only to a medium brown so I didn't think it'd be too damaged.

I tried using a protein conditioner(mane n tail) since I heard colored hair needs it more.At first I thought it was helping but after 2 weeks my hair was getting straighter and dry.It looks like my hair was blowdried!

And recently I found some leftover conditioner that came in the box(I used the loreal highlighting kit) and it made my hair feel soft.I just don't want to use a lot and run out.
The garnier for damaged hair is thick/creamy like the other conditioner but it doesn't make my hair feel soft.
Have you tried dove intensive moisture conditioner? Idk if it's CG, idk if you are either, but before i was i used that and it felt sooo silky in my hair. As well as Triple moisture by some brand. Garnier? Idk, i forget. But I'm sure you've seen it.

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I haven't tried dove but the garnier was thick but didn't feel like the way it was with the conditioner that comes in the box.
Also is it just me or is the garnier bottles getting smaller?
Nope i realized that too! :/

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The gvp conditioning balm from Sallys would be my suggestion. Its a new love of mine. It works great as a leave in for this colder weather now to.

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