I have normal/high porosity (my grays are highly porous) and my mane is pretty dense. Medium coarse. About a month ago i used some semi-perm. hair color (one by Clairol Natural Instincts that has since been officially recalled) and ended up with some damage. I suspect too much peroxide in formula was their mistake. That said ...

After doing a bunch of PTs, DT and ACVs, etc. I changed my LI conditioner and stylers. Just tried Kenra conditioner for color treated hair and added a little Kinky Curly Curling Custard + Joico Joigel Firm on top for styling.

Wow. Impressive. My hair sprung back to life. It is almost completely back to normal - meaning, my curls are back and strong! Yay! The two stylers together seem to work great together because my hair has been soft, springy and shiny for the past 5 days, plus the Joigel Firm has helped subdue the kind of fly away hair I generally get using KCCC alone over my conditioner. The Joico gel seems to have locked in the moisture of the KCCC. But first crunching out the scrunch is needed. And you might have to be patient about it feeling a little producty while it dries (or it did for me).

Major Drawback: It took even LONGER to dry than it typically does with KCCC plus any other product. What I mean is, after about an hour of blow drying, it was still somewhat damp and lacked body, but curls looked great. Shiny. It wasn't until the next day that my curls "plumped", but when they did ... just wonderful looking. And it was worth it to get 5 going on 6 day hair. Please keep in mind that my hair's been taking extra long to dry anyway lately, following my chemical armageddon. Also, I was heavy handed with the gel.

It's been raining in these parts and it seems this is a good combo for moderate humidity/high dew point.

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