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seamelody14 11-04-2012 10:17 PM

Devacurl OC fanclub: meet your newest member.
Like many curlies, I started the CG method out with this one a year ago, but for whatever reason it made its way to the product graveyard. Actually, I think I just hated the smell. But since I still had half a bottle, I decided to try it again. Well it's awesome! It's a perfect balance between heavy and lightweight, so it moisturized my dry/damaged hair well but does not weigh my fine curls down. I can definitely feel the protein in this, so there's no way this could be a daily conditioner for me, but lately my hair has been hungry for protein, and this gave it just that. Awesome. I think I finally might have found a conditioner to alternate my CJ argan & olive oil with. Oh, and I like the smell now :)

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