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I totally am in LOVE with Curl Keeper I just posted about this in the general forum in the thread about come in in if you use Curl Keeper.

Tenapaige, thanks a milliion for posting that video. I used my sample and followed her video and my hair looks amazing. Now I think I want more highlights in it to show of the curls.

My hair feels very light and bouncy, and not sticky at all. This is truly a unique product. Hooray!!!
Originally Posted by curlypearl
Np thanks for sharing your opinion on the product I just might try it out only thing is it is a bit pricey and if u have to use alot of product that may not be so great for me... I HAVE ALOT OF HAIR
I think it is possible that I am in love with this product.
A friend told me she got some in her Birchbox this month and loved it. We have different hair properties, but I had enough "points" that I got it free with free shipping from Birchbox, so gave it a try.
First day: Meh, nothing noteworthy

(her hair is amazing!)

second day: i did a modified version of that, my hair is much shorter and wow!!!!!!
WOW!!! bouncy, non crunchy, NON STRINGY curls!!! lasted ALL DAY. All I used was Curl Keeper and some Foxy Curls Spray - that's it (which for me is quite remarkable, I usually have a minimum of 4 products in my hair at any given point in time)

third day: i didn't spend quite as much time as I did yesterday but still i have bouncy happy hair!! like you should put a tiara on my head because I feel like a princess kind of happy bouncy hair.

I need to buy a litre of this!
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Curl Keeper hates me. I've tried it so many times and in so many ways and I either get furry-looking frizz or sticky flattened curls. It feels like it coats my hair and my hair doesn't absorb it. Probably yet another "low porostiy" issue.

I like Curls in a Bottle a lot, and sometimes I even love it, and I full-on LOVE Ouidad Climate Control Gel. They're similar to CK in texture & application, but they each act completely different on my hair. Curls Goddess Curls is similar as well, but it has really strong hold and I feel like it restrains my hair.
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Yesterday I combed Curl Keeper into my daughter 11's hair after she washed. She has 3a/3b hair that is prone to frizz. In the morning when it first dried it looked crispy. She wanted it left that way so I didn't touch it. Mid-afternoon she had soft, shiny, defined curls. By evening it was getting fluffier, but she had spent a lot of time with her head against the couch so I blame that. This morning we used a wide-tooth comb for the tangles and spritzed all over with water. Since she's at school I don't know if the Curl Keeper reactivated or not. Anyway, so far I am very pleased. I am excited to continue to experiment with it.

She is the one who will try products. My other curly who is 14 let me put it in once too, but I don't think I used enough to make a difference and she declined it the next time.

I will have to watch the video mentioned.
I got some samples and didnt like it. It made my hair crunchy.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.
Garden curls, I'm low porosity and Curl Keeper hates me too. (I'm wondering what to do with all the products that don't work for my hair. If anyone lives in near Woodland Hills, CA, I have a ton of products to give away.)
Liquid Sculpting Gel is CG, glycerin-free and has a good amount of protein. Consistency is similar to Curl Keeper, hold is similar to Biotera. So thinner than BRHG and a bit less hold.

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Originally Posted by Corrina777
Is this the gel you're talking about?

ETA: I think this is the one instead, right? But I don't see the ingredients.

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Curl Keeper is the one product I consider my HG. I have tried it an assortment of ways, and though I definitely prefer it with a leave-in and some gel, I have never had a day where I was disappointed in my hair no matter what format I used it in.

Like I said, my preference is over a leave-in with some gel. I've used it over Yes to Cucumbers Leave-In and over Giovanni Direct Leave-In. I've used it with AG:Recoil, LA Looks Sport Gel, IC Hair Polisher Styling Gel with Sparkle Lites, and Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Scrunching Gel. All combos worked well.

I've also used CK over a leave-in only, with no gel. I still love the feel of my hair, and it styles well. But there is very little hold, so my hair loses control faster. In other words, 2nd or 3rd day hair won't be as easy/nice.

When I ran out of leave-in, I used CK with a gel only. I still liked it, but my hair was drier without the leave-in.

A few times I literally used only Curl Keeper. You do need more product if that's the route you go. But it makes for some seriously light curls. The product is very watery, so it doesn't make your hair feel like there is product at all when you just have CK. Again, there is minimal hold so if you go outside in the wind, or humidity, the results may not be to your liking.

The product itself is awesome. I do hear it has almost identical ingredients to personal lubrication. KY is expensive as well, but at least it's in drugstores. But several people have mentioned that a generic brand of lube works fine. I may try it some day, but I'm not someone with personal experience in that department

I highly recommend the product. It lasts awhile and is worth every penny. Try a small bottle first, though, to make sure you find it is worth the purchase. I buy the massive bottle whenever I have the money, though.

NOTE: I am currently milking an overnight "plopping" and I have Kinky Curly Knot Today, Kinky Curly Curling Custard and Curl Keeper in my hair. I'll be pixie curl diffusing in the morning, so I can offer feedback with that combo tomorrow :-)
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