DevaCurl - didn't work for me

I always appreciate and depend on people's reviews, so I thought it only fair to write my review! A friend visited recently and her curls looked amazing. She swears by DevaCurl. Being a sucker for 'the grass is always greener' I decided to try it. I bought the travel size kit so that it wasn't such an investment. I started with the No Poo and One Conditioner and then the Angell and Set It Free for styling.

I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week and by Day 3 my scalp was really greasy and my curls were so tangled - it looked literally like a nest. I felt like my hair was fluffy, if that makes any sense. My curls were super fine instead of clumps of curls.

I eliminated the No Poo, which helped with the greasies but still felt like the products didn't do anything to make my hair not frizz and end up in a tangly mess by day 3.

So, back to the old faithfuls! For me, that is HairOne, Giovanni Smooth as Silk (or their leave in), EcoStyler and Ion Spray Gel. And soooo much cheaper.

I did like the Mist-er Right for 2nd day hair.
CG since 9-2010
Type: 2c
Cowash: Miss Jessie Creme de la Curl
Conditioner: Giovanni Smooth as Silk

Styling: Eco Styler Krystal Gel, Miss Jessie Jelly Soft or Pillow Soft; DevaCurl Set it Up for 2nd day hair
DT: Ojon, Ion Effective
DevaCurl was the first line of products I used after I decided to get serious about caring for my hair correctly. I also bought the sample sizes but also the larger sizes. They worked fine for me, but I soon began branching out into other brands. I think Deva was a valuable first step for me in that it got me thinking about ingredients and the idea of ditching conventional shampoos. But it's not the be-all, end-all of hair products.
Of course, one of the reasons I bought the Deva is my stylist used it for my first Deva cut and my hair looked amazing. The second time she used something else entirely and I realized that it's her skill at styling, not the products, that make my hair look great (and which I cannot replicate for the life of me).

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