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mrslovett 12-05-2012 04:35 PM

Garner volumizing mousse
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I feel like I did get a lot more volume as the top of my hair falls flat very easily. I only used this mousse with nothing else just to see exactly what it would do. I think personally I would do my Argan oil, this mousse and then my regular mousse or gel afterwords to help the frizz. My hair does feel an look a little dryer that normal, but I'm not sure how much is this product and how much is not using the Argan first like I usually do.

Once my hair dried I kind of had that 90s crunch, so I dry scrunched to break it up. I think this was partially because it was the only product in my hair so I used a lot. Thinking if I used one golf ball instead of two it would have been much better.

All in all I do really love the volume it gave me. And just to clarify, I air dried I don't ever blow dry my hair so I can't speak to any results from blow drying or diffusing. Next time I wash my hair ill use my oil and regular products and try to remember to post a follow up under this of my results.

As far as root lift, it better than any root sprays I've used including biolage, and it was about 6 bucks.

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