Brown Butter Beauty - Sweet Milk Detangling Cream

I just got the chance to buy the BBB Cream for half the prize. Thing is I don't know it yet.... Has anyone tried it and can give me a short review?

Thank you in advance ladies!

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No one?

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Hi, I can give you a short review. I got it from Lexies Curls. It detangles very good. My curls were a little bit bigger than they usually are, they were very soft and shiny, too. Thats why the hold was not so good. I think, it's a Leave-in only to care for not to style. But for me it was good. My curls clump very well.
Here is a picture of me. I'm the white girl. You can see my very shiny coils. Who the hell is Moni??? | A lucky curl blogs… I think, the gloss comes from the cationic surfactants, because they lay the cuticle flat and this is the first ingredient after water.

I hope this helps.
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I think, I have 3c curls with high porosity and high density.

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I'm a German woman. So please be indulgent because of my English.
Thank you
Yeah i think i'm going to give it a try. I did some internet research this afternoon and read a few reviews on other sites-sounds pretty good to me! My hair never was really choicy when it came down to products so it should get the job done

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I tried the babassu deep conditioner and the sweet milk leave in and neither of them were moisturizing.

I drenched my hair with the deep conditioner and left it in for two hours, under a plastic cap with heat. It's easy to spread and I had nice curl formation when I applied it, but afterward when my hair dried, it was BONE DRY and tangled. My hair was so dry that it didn't feel like hair. I guess I had a bad reaction to the product because I'm protein-sensitive, but I've tried Joico products which also contiain keratin, but Joico never left my hair feeling severely dehydrated.

The leave in looks like Kinky Cirly Knot Today. I used it on damp hair, braided it in sections, and took it out in the morning. I could barely run my fingers through my hair because it felt so coated.

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