Infusium23 moisture replenish Leave in spray

i had just washed my hair with a clarafying shampoo and my hair was bouncy and shiny and so soft.

then i went out and bought the infusium 23 not a hour later. I came home and wet one side of my head and put it in and combed it throuhgh (used probably 3 sprays on the one side). My hair dried and it felt so nasty! it is sticky feeling and dull. it feels and looks like i sprayed hair spray in my hair while wet and let it dry. My mom used to use this on me when i was little and it had worked much better than this. they must have changed the formula.

i paid 6.99 at sobeys for the bottle. will be taking it back!
I had the same results with Infusium23 Leave In. I lost the shine in my hair and I even think it dried the ends. I've made a couple of at home moisturizing masks for my hair to try and recover.
I honestly don't think this product should be used on a daily basis. Perhaps it's too much protein and it caused more problems.

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