Live Clean Exotic Nectar Argan Oil Restorative Shampoo and Conditioner.

Ok so i decided to try the silicone free-sulphates free trend, to see if would help my dry brittle ends.I also wanted to try this to lay off the proteins for a while and see if my ends improve.

I really like the shampoo. It is very moisturizing. I dont get that gross squeeky clean feeling like with normal shampoos, yet my hair is bouncy and very soft.

The conditioner is alright. I am used to using silicones so its something i have to get used to! it has a weird gritty thick texture and it sinks in and provides absolutly NO slip so be careful and be gentle. it almost feels like you have a residue when its damp but this goes away when it is dry. it improved my ends they are not as crunchy but still quite dry, but thats ok it may take a while to get some moisture back from protein issues.

I am thinking this condish might make a really good deep condish as well, the bottle says to leave on as long as you like. I am going to use it when i baggy my ends tonight and see if it helps. btw it smells amazing and i can still smell it day 2.
3a with few 3b's for top layer and 2b for bottom layer, medium/thick, normal porosity, BSL-MBL goal-HL

Live clean argain oil restorative poo and r/o once a week, daily refreshers with r/o and water spray. (all sls and cone free) I bun all the time. staying away from proteins cones and sulfates for a while.

Hard water
I just posted asking who has tried the conditioner and leave in conditioner spray...i didnt notice they had a the shampoo curly girl friendly? sulfate and silicone free? I just started the curly girl method yesterday.

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