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MaggieT 02-15-2013 09:52 AM

Are there cone-free color-depositing conditioners?
Curlfriends, has anyone found a cone-free color-depositing conditioner? I know there are lots of good conditioners for maintaining your color, but what I'm looking for is something similar to Aveda Black Malva (that actually deposits a little color on your hair) but without cones or other non-CG-friendly ingredients.

Where I'm at: I'm letting my natural gray come in, and I think I have the strength of character to do this :) but the problem is the bottom six inches of my hair, the color (which is now more than a year old) is starting to oxidize. I don't want to color again -- I really want to have *natural* hair in every way -- but if I could use a color-depositing conditioner 1-2 times a month, that would make it look better for the next year or so until the gray is always down the length and the color has grown out.

Even Giovanni's color consishes have junk in them. :(

Any advice much appreciated!

HelloBunny 03-13-2013 06:14 PM

some people add dyes like manic panic, or splat to their condish to deposit color

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