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deenalove621 02-21-2013 06:45 PM

Organix Products? Yes or No?
I read somewhere that any one of the Organix Shampoos is sulfate-free. Are these products worth the money? and could I also use the matching conditioner? which set would you recommend?

any product reviews would help?

SpiralSpunk 02-22-2013 09:37 PM

I have not tried the shampoos, but the conditioner I did try was loaded with -cones and matted my hair something fierce! If you're CG then I believe most or all of the conditioners in this line are off limits.

curlypea 02-23-2013 05:01 PM

Not really a fan. Love the scents of several of them, but there are better sulfate-free products out there. For my occasional sulfate-free shampoo, the L'Oreal line is way better.

itrustchels 02-27-2013 05:44 PM

I have tried the coconut milk, the macadamia and the moroccan oil ones from organix. (the shampoo and conditioner) My favourite is definitely the coconut milk. I'd say they are worth the money (i paid $6 each for them at walmart) All of the organix products are sulfate free by the way. hope this helps

lcl0706 02-27-2013 05:58 PM

The conditioners are full of cones. I tried the coconut shampoo and absolutely hated it. I mean, worst thing I have ever put in my hair, hands down. Made it feel matted & dirty, like I had hairspray in it. Some like it. I very much did not.

NvmbrCurlss 02-27-2013 09:09 PM

The poo dried my hair out. The conditioners were like water on my curls...sticky, no good water...with less slip:(

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