Has any one else tried these? JLS Solutions - HydraCap Conditioning Cap
I found them in the coloring / treatment (??) aisle at Sally's. They are like the shrinkable wrap used for gift baskets, you put it on and then blow dry until it tightens down. I've used three of them, there's a small learning curve to get it positioned far enough down in the back but high enough in the front to not be on your eyebrows but they work really well once on right. There is a chemical smell when first put on but it's not noticeable once shrunk. I had some seepage with a watery PT but creamy treatments stayed put well. They are also more comfortable then a shower cap, no elastic forehead marks, but they do get tight. I put my plop towel over them and blow dryed a bit more then left on 30-60 minutes and my hair was still somewhat warm when I took them off.

So now the mini rant. I went to Sally's looking for hair protection like satin caps and treatment things like this. However, these products are spread over three sections of the store. In my store there's the little old white lady hair protector section at the front with fuddy duddy shower caps and curlers, there were also hair nets in this area. The end cap at the back of this aisle had the satin scarves and caps with the hip darker people on them (don't hate me for trying to be politically correct ). Then on the whole other side of the store I found the item above plus some similar stuff and weird applicator brushes, etc. So, my question is WHY are the hair cap thingy's separated? Is there a reason light people have to wear open faced head hoods and poofy caps and dark people get the sexy satin headgear I was kind of peeved I had to spend so long hunting for products I knew they had because they were spread all over the store. Alright rant over.

Try the Hydracaps if you can find them though, they are great.
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