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Heather0kay 03-08-2013 02:07 PM

So Done with the Morrocco Method- Bad Customer Service
I just LOVE most of the Morrocco Method products for my super fine, thin hair but their customer service is the worst! Years ago, I had a question for them so I filled out their form on their page, got no response so I emailed them maybe a couple more times and eventually got a response. Forward to a couple months ago , I signed up for their affiliate program because I love the product so much....never heard back! Contacted them again through their handy little form a couple more times with no luck! Finally, I went to their facebook page and someone actually responded and I thought they were going to help but they blew me off! I just hate poor customer service & will not purchase Morrocco Method again! Why is customer service so difficult for some?

Korkscrew 07-16-2013 12:27 PM

This is none of my business, but I really don't care because this is a customer service pet peeve of mine. ...

Assuming you really represent the "Morrocco Method" (with a misspelling of the word "Morocco", the country), I don't understand why you'd shoot your business in the foot w/an insincere response:

On the one hand, you apologized for not getting back to her sooner. But on the other, you said, "We're very disappointed you felt you didn't receive the correct response .... " Obviously it was more than a "feeling" she had. She just didn't receive any responses at all, by your own admission. Come on. Stop playing games with potential customers.

Heather0kay 07-22-2013 08:36 AM

Korkscrew, Morrocco is the name of the person not the country. To be fair, when I purchased the wrong hair brush my exchange was handled quickly. Still, I will not buy their product again even tough I love it. I didn't like how they blamed their lack of response to my "spam" filter. I checked my junk mail & there was nothing. I did receive a link at the start ( it didn't seem to work correctly) but no one ever told me or responded to me telling me that that was the only link I'd ever get; nothing was clear to me, they should have helped me from the start. I kept waiting for some sort of "acceptance" notification to their affiliate program for weeks! There is no way I could ever represent this company like this, it is a shame, such a great product!

Korkscrew 07-22-2013 04:33 PM

LOL ... "Morrocco", where'd your response post go? Oh well. Doesn't matter. That was just strange.

CurlyInTheFog 07-22-2013 06:26 PM


Originally Posted by Korkscrew (Post 2193480)
LOL ... "Morrocco", where'd your response post go? Oh well. Doesn't matter. That was just strange.

Lol, I was trying to figure out what post you were talking about, and then realized the mods must have removed it for whatever reason. Poor customer service is always a no-go for me as well. If you want my money, you'd better treat me nicely!

Korkscrew 07-22-2013 09:16 PM

Ha! I had the same response Curly. I was like, "Did I just lose my Godforsaken mind? Didn't I just respond to some crapilicious post containing a failed "apology" to a mistreated consumer?" :blob3:

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