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kathymack 03-13-2013 12:20 PM

CA Baby Hair De-Tangler (gluten free protein)
When I looked for a thread on this product, there was an old one that had different ingredients. Most places have the wrong ingredients, so I'm hoping that this link to CA Baby works

I wanted to give more information in the title. My hair doesn't tangle, so I wanted to see what quinoa protein would do as a protein spray. I've used it 4 times and think it's great. Second ingredient is hydrolyzed quinoa protein. I've tried it with some products that I usually don't like. Feel like they are a little too much for my hair--and it's worked out well.

I know that we have several folks with gluten issues, so thought I'd bring attention to this product.

Smells like French lavender.

Marie01141976 03-13-2013 07:09 PM

That is what I use it for, a protein boost! I just recently discovered my hair loves protein. I give my damp hair a spritz, and follow w/ a bit of KCKT and my curls spring back to life :) I originally bought it as a detangler, but I like better as a protein booster when my hair gets limp/loses curl.

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