shea moisture carrot and mago kids conditioner

anyone tried this? Im so nervous to try because my hair is protein sensitive. I recently tried the new Curl and shine conditioner from the coconut and hibiscus line, It was AWFUL. Mad my hard hard ans dry as a tumbleweed. I had forgotten how sensitive my hair is to protein and geeeez, seems like I can only use the raw shea butter line from Shea moisture. Any thoughts on the kids line? especially from those who are protein sensitive or have Low Poriosity. Thanks ladies.
I like it. I have to be careful with protein as well, but I can use this as long as I alternate with protein free products in between. The poo doesn't have any protein I don't think (it could become a favorite), but the condish has vegetable protein about halfway down the ingredient list. I do okay with vegetable proteins as long as I use them carefully and rotate. I can't use it every day, but I can use it about once a week. I can't use the coconut & hibiscus products because of the silk protein. The kids Mango & Carrot is much gentler on my hair!
3a, baby fine i/ii, low to normal porosity, protein sensitive
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dislikes: glycerin, wheat protein
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