Eva NYC Rock-A-Wave Curl Cream?

Has anyone used it? If so, what are your thoughts? I bought it at Ross recently because it was discounted pretty nicely. The ingredients appear to be CG friendly (not 100% sure on that). I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but I'll update when I do.
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hey, suellen
i recently bought this hair cream.. and i'm glad i did.
i've always been hesitant and skeptical on buying any products over ~$7 that weren't from the drugstore.. to be fair, the only reason i bought this was because it was on sale for $12 at a nearby winners.
anyway, i have 3b curls and i wash my hair normally (shampoo and conditioner, every 2-4 days.. not CG either) and only use leave-ins, mousse and serums to style my hair. i used this leave in with a bit of serum towards the end of my hair and wow! the result was great..
when my hair dried, it was not oily at all, not crunchy, and it smelt great (sweet argan..mm). the cream is also extremely light-weight and not too thick.

i think i may have used too much the first time (at ~5 pumps) because a few strands of hair did feel a bit coated, so i'm trying 3 pumps out now to see if it feels okay. my hair is about chest length btw!

i would love to hear what you thought about this product, and if you have.. anything similar out there?


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