Steam treatments

Does anyone get steam treatments? Has anyone bought a home steamer? If so has anyone tried the PRO-165-LUST4 from LCL beauty?
I have a Heutiful steamer and I use it every now and then. I love it. Imma product junkie so I'm always excited to use it with a new conditioner. I never heard of the one u named.

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Yea I haven't heard of it either until I went online and I found like 2 reviews on it that were pretty positive so I'm going to try it. I saw the huetiful but it was a few dollars more than I wanted to spend. I'm glad to hear that you like it. If I don't like the pro 165 then ill send it back and try the huetiful.
Let me kno how it is!

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Hey hennyrox85 my steamer came n and its awesome!!!! I used it today and my hair feels so good. Steam treatments-imageuploadedbycurltalk1365641002.539757.jpg
Great to hear! Glad u like it! What products did you steam with!!??

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I pre poo'd with castor oil and steamed for 10 mins then washed my hair with just naturals shampoo for hair loss (because my hair has been thinning) then I washed with apple cider vinegar nutritive rinse, and then I used As I Am hydrating deep condition to steam treat my hair for 40 mins. My hair came out so soft. My hair is still moisturized today which never happens

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