Redken Soft Spin Replacement?

I've followed the Redken line from Solid Water to Crystal Curls to Soft Spin, which is now being discontinued. Redken offers up Curvaceous Soft Swirl as an alternative (a more expensive alternative, at that). I got a free sample and while the jury's still out, I could tell from rubbing it on my palms and the difficult sections of my hair (top & front, because of fly-aways) that it is not going to be sticky enough to get me through the summer.

Can anyone offer some suggestions similar to these products? Redken really missed the mark on this one, I fear.
Oh, I am with you! I don't like the swirly stuff very much - it's an OK "finishing" product but I don't like to use it on my wet hair.

I use Redken's Curl Refiner and Soft Spin and BOTH have been discontinued. I have no idea what to buy now!!
I completely agree. SO frustrated! I used solid water, then crystal curls, and finally soft spin. I always used it once my hair was dry to define my curls and stop the frizz. I am moving away from Redken once I have exhausted my supplies. Tired of going through this!Looking for suggestions as well. It costs a lot of money to experiment on products that do not work. I have a cabinet full of half used products.
Yeah I really liked this product too. I have no reason to even look at Redken as a brand now. Oh well...

Based on the ingredients, I'd say the closest I've found are Fantasia IC (they have a clear one and an olive oil one if you need oil in your gel like the Redken) and also Curl Junkie Aloe Fix (have this one but haven't tried it yet. The ingredients are similar though).

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