Bioinfusuon Daily Rosemary Mint Shampoo

Has anyone tried this? No cones, sulfates, but it does have polyquats.

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I'm using this!

It's a tingly conditioner and it smells really nice. I switch between this and a couple other conditioners because I think using a tingling conditioner too many times in a row makes my scalp itch. Other than that, it doesn't dry my hair out too bad and the slip is okay. What I like about tingling conditioners is that, when I rinse it out, it makes my head feel refreshed. It comes with a matching shampoo but I haven't tried that one. The cashier who was working in the beauty section the day I bought this had tried it as well and recommended it to me.

What made me choose this is that I'm in the process of growing my hair out and I've seen Rosemary recommended for that. I got this at Walgreens, so it is a Drugstore product, and got a good deal on it. BioInfusion was BOGO free that day. The other conditioner I got was their keratin one but that made me shed a lot so I gave it away.
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