For Curly Gals in Australia

Hi Aussie Gals!

I've been using Ultraorganics Clear Henna Hair Wax and Intense Camomoile Conditioner for about 2 weeks now. This stuff is Brilliant. The 3 reasons I am recommending it:

1.) Its CHEAP! They both come in 500g tubs for $5! (It embarrassing how much I've spent on products over the years and this is better then products I have spend a small fortune on).

2.) It just works. The Henna Wax as a mask removes build up on the hair (I haven't needed to use a clarifier since I started using it, my roots are lovely soft and clean). They both leave your hair super soft and strong.

3.) Its versatile. I use the Henna Wax as a hair mask, leave in conditioner and to seal my ends. This is wear the cheap benefit kicks in again, I have a lot of hair so I need to use a lot of moisturiser in my hair this is the most economic and effective leave in I have found.

I read about this product then picked it up and looked at it at Chemistwearhouse maybe 3 times before I purchased it. I was worried the 'Wax' would be hard, its not its, a creamy consistency with a very pleasant sent. I also didn't think that something so cheep would be very effective, I was wrong.

Ultraorganics - created using nature's best ingredients.

I don't want this product going off the shelfs. Have a look at it, maybe rustle up the loose change at the bottom of you bag and give it a shot - you wont regret it.
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I'm not much for waxes usually, but you're selling me with this 'creamy consistency' business. I also need something to clarify effectively. When you use it, does it look like there's product in your hair Noumenon? I think I'll give it a go, $5 is not that much at all in the arena of hair products.

I love your reasoning for asking us to try it - 'I don't want this product going off the shelfs." - I totally get it. I am always worried about my favourite shampoo and conditioner from Sanctum.

For anyone looking for a good Australian shampoo and condish - no sulfates, certified organic and packed full of essential oils. If you don't mind the products with a scent of essential oils, I'd recommend it highly because it just does not dry out my hair as much and I end up with more defined curls.

They're $9.95 each depending on where you get them, so not that cheap considering you also have to pay for postage (I buy in bulk now, partly for financial reasons and partly out of pure fear of discontinuation).

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