Loreal EverCurl...

I bought the conditioning cleanser, the conditioner and the leave-in and my hair is VERY happy.

I'm probably a 3a or b. No idea on porosity or density or anything anything else. My hair falls just below my shoulders in tight ringlets underneath and looser curls on top.

I have paired the Loreal stuff with tresseme curly mouse and its a lovely thing.

My hair goes through pros of time that stuff stops working as well and I have to change it up. This was a very good change.

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I have the cream gel and it makes my hair really happy, good hold, good definition, good clumping and good volume

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i was so excited about this lorael "ever" range as it has been released in my local supermarket, quite alot of the range was there... but mostly in shampoos and conditioners...i wanted a gel or cream or whatever boohoo.

anyways as I was looking through the ingredients i was sad to see that although they are sulfate free, most of them had plenty of cones. giant SIGH.

but... the "ever sleek" (the one in the orangy gold packaging) says sulfate AND silicone free YAYY! AND they have a humidity-defying leave in cream in that range ... double YAY!!

so i bought it... good price too.
i tried it today...it was extremely humid today. my hair didnt fare much better than it usually does with just conditioner in it. it wasnt crazy frizzy but it also wasnt great. a little crunchy. now i did a new treatment on my head today as well...so ill have to give it another go on its own to make sure it wasnt the treatment.

it does have two alcohols in it:
stearyl alcohol (second ingredient) and at the end, benzyl alcohol. im not sure if they are ones to avoid so yes. im still on the fence with this product but will definately re-post once i know for sure. hope it works next time! it smells great!
I really like the Evercurl Hydracharge Leave in cream. I think it has an a-cone,but I am okay with that one. It does have a very strong perfumey fragrance that I am not very fond of, and it doesn't fade very much after drying either.... I wish I could try some of the other products, but they all have glycerin and my hair hates that ingredient.
3a, baby fine i/ii, low to normal porosity, protein sensitive
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