Devacurl ultra defining gel--have you tried it, know how to use it?

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I have completely changed my mind on this gel. I went back to Joiwhip today because it is humid and can't believe I ever switched. I have my shine back, my hair doesn't look dry, and the frizz is gone! So, my new opinion on Deva Ultra Defining Gel is I don't like it at all!

* Well, here I am again. I wish I never would have wrote that I didn't like this gel at all because I was wrong. I did have very nice curls with Joiwhip but, as in the past, I started losing more hair again. I went back to Deva Ultra Defining Gel because I still had some in the cupboard. My hair is curlier and voluminous. I'm happy I kept some around. I sprayed Set-It-Free in my hair before applying the gel and that seems to cut back on frizz and my curls seem more defined. I'm going to try to keep working with this routine and hopefully I will fall in love with this gel like I did Joiwhip.

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I've been using this for the past week or so and like it. I've been mixing with a small portion of b'leave in. I apply to soaking wet hair then scrunch out the excess water, clip then scrunch out more water and diffuse.
I've also used it with the volumizing foam and with set up and above (applied on roots only prior to gel).
I had been using arch angel but when I got my cut, the stylist said I needed a lighter gel (and I thought she was wrong because I have fine hair that doesn't always hold my curl). This gel is doing the trick

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I don't like one condition. I do love the gel. I mix it with the deva volumizing mousse for amazing results.
Current routine:
DEVA No Poo, as a shampoo and conditioner in one (can be used on dry hair to remove build up, then wet hair and complete washing process).

DEVA One Conditioner or TJ Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner as a co-wash (1 - 2X a week)

DEVA light gel & volumizing mousse on very wet hair, scrunch with a microfiber towel

Diffuse with duck clips



*Low porosity
*Low hair density
*Fine hair, but lots of it
I have the light defining gel and I really love it. I use Curls Rock Curl Amplifier then the light defining gel and I have soft curls with no flaking after SOTC.

The only product I have used that left flaking in my hair was the Kinky Curly Knot Today.
2 b/c at the moment, 3a when not relaxed
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