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I had been eyeing the Twisted Sista products in Walgreens, at the time the products were being introduced. I had not heard of the line before but I was intrigued in majority due to the affordability of the products which all had a price point of about $5. So lucky for me I happened to win the full line of products and I was excited. After I received the products I was anxious to use them but after the first use, the excitement leaped out the window. So after trying all the products, I wasn't impressed and I did not like them at all. The shampoo and conditioner was ok but to me a shampoo is a shampoo and a conditioner is a conditioner. Now I see Twisted Sista popping up everywhere and I've seen people via YouTube have mixed views on it so I guess the results vary.

Has anyone tried this? What was your experience?
i received a sample in with a curlmart order. i checked the ingredients, list included petroleum, dimethicone, etc. i tossed it in the garbage.
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Yeah I received some samples from curlmart and read the ingredients. No ma'am. Went to the drugstore with some friends and my other natural friend picked it up and I told her to read the back and it had parabens in it too. No thanks.
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that there was a lot of naughty stuff in the curl cream? I find it to be about equal to AG recoil - both can leave my hair feeling kinda coated
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