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GM Curlies,

I sent Camille Rose customer service the email below this morning and am waiting for a response. Has anyone here tried the new vs. old formula? From what I hear most boutique lines change their ingredients once they go commercial? I'm hesitant to try the Target version so please let me know. Thanks.


I'm a pretty new fan of yours (since January 2012) but I love your line because 1, it's pretty natural and 2, it does what it says! I noticed back in January when I ordered on curlmart that some of your products were reformulated and they listed the old/new ingredients. Didn't matter since I never tried the old formula. However, now that I'm a fan...I was so happy to see your line in Target but bummed when I looked at the ingredients list. You've changed your formula again? added/removed some ingredients/ or moved them down the list, which means there is less of that ingredient....I was wondering why? Did target make you for commercial reasons or to maximize profit? Not trying to throw any shade just curious as to why you would fix something that isn't broken. I searched online and saw a bunch of complaints about the new formula at Target so I was wondering. Also, can you still buy your old formula online?
Hey- there is a thread in the 4 section talking about this. Some people emailed the company about the Target products and they responded. Formula didn't change, it's just the actual correct ingredient list/INCI list on the packaging now.

That's one thing about "natural" products that annoys me, they never put the actual ingredient listing on their packaging, just the main ingredients they want you to know/care about. I want to know all of what's in there in the correct order.

Commercial stores require the full ingredients to ensure that everything is stable to sit in their stores, so I think it's good that brand is being carried there for many reasons.
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