Has anyone used shampoo/condish from the Hempz Couture line and/or know if they're CG friendly? I've read the ingredients but one of them is "Hempz Hydraplenish Complex." I guess it's a proprietary formula of some sort, but thought I'd see if anyone had tried it. I'm mostly worried that there's some silicone in that "hydraplenish complex;" otherwise the ingredients look fine and the reviews (from other sites; there's none here on nc.com) are positive.
2B, medium/normal across the board

No HGs yet, but currently toying with:
Lo-Poo: AG Smoooth Argan Shampoo
RO: Matrix Sleek (this is an old formula that somehow--magically--is cone free), AG Smoooth Argan Conditioner
LI: VO5 Silky Experiences Island Coconut, SM C&H Milk
Styling: mineral oil (to seal against humidity), LA Looks Sport Gel, FSG