So I live in NYC and it gets pretty humid here in the summer. My product regimen (Devacurl No Poo, Devacurl one condition as a rinse out, JessieCurl Aloeba Daily Conditioner as a leave in, Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper, and Devacurl Light Defining Gel) was working really well for me until the humidity levels started rising and I'm noticing more halo frizz and that my style isn't lasting as long.

Pretty much all of these products have glycerine and humectants. I'm not really looking to change my shampoo or rinse out conditioner but I would like to find styling products that are humectant free or less humectanty.

Any suggestions? Especially for a replacement for the Curl Keeper. I really need a curl booster/activator/definer with little to no hold in my regimen because my roots tend to be flat and I like my curls to be as springy as possible.

I only use CG friendly products. My hair is 3b, normal to fine, higher density, low to medium porosity.
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