Eluence Volume Clarifying Shampoo ( CG aproved ) ?!

Hi !! Curlies , I'm really sad that everything I purchase it doesnt work for me , so I just watch this product and it have really good reviews , but I dont know if it is CG approved ??

I'm really looking for volume , If someone try this before , let me know pleasee !!

thank u so much

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I use it to clarify when needed. It cleans my scalp and hair very well without stripping. I just discovered that it wasn't sulfate free.... I always thought it was.

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I would describe it as a low-poo, appropriate for my modified CG routine. I use both this and the Elucence moisture shampoo on a regular basis. I use the clarifying one after swimming, 1-2x per week, and the moisture one the rest of the time. I haven't found either of them to be stripping for my hair. Co-washes don't work for my hair; they leave it greasy and limp. My hair curls best when fresh and clean (but not stripped).

The two sulfates in the clarifying shampoo are "Sodium Myreth Sulfate (coconut oil derived)" and "Sodium 14-16 Olefin Sulfonate (mineral derived)." Both are sulfates, but very gentle ones.

According to CurlChemist, "Some anionic surfactants can provide comparatively gentle cleansing to the hair because they do not remove as many oils and fats. Anything with a carbon count above 12 (in even increments) is considered to be less harsh. Some examples of this are sodium myreth sulfate and sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate. Also, sodium coco sulfate, derived from coconut oil, contains a mixture of chains containing anywhere from 8-18 carbons. This makes it gentler than SLS. There are also numerous nonionic surfactants, such as sorbitol, decyl glucoside, laureth 4-20, and decyl polyglucose, which contain no positively or negatively-charged groups. These surfactants are considered to be much less drying to the hair." (source: Cleansing Agents in Shampoos)

According to the Elucence website, their shampoos are "specially formulated with a unique cleansing agent that has a larger molecule size than normal shampoos. This means the shampoo will not penetrate the hair or scalp during the lathering processes, ensuring any moisture already existing in the hair remains locked in."

That is indeed my experience with both shampoos - they don't strip moisture from my hair. Also, I get better results than other low poos I have used in the past.

If your hair is very dry, and you generally use a co-wash, you may find these stripping by comparison. But if you are a regular low-poo user, like me, I don't think it will be a problem.

EWG (environmental working group) lists sodium myreth sulfate as a safe ingredient (SODIUM MYRETH SULFATE || Skin Deep® Cosmetics Database | Environmental Working Group)

although the campaign for safe cosmetics lists it as one of the ingredients to avoid because it "might" be contaminated with 1,4-dioxane: Campaign for Safe Cosmetics*:*Contaminants in Bath Products

If you're not concerned about this latter issue, and have normal (not dry or damaged) hair, I'd say give it a try. If it doesn't strip your hair or irritate your scalp, it's a keeper. If it does, then just use it occasionally (to remove buildup) until the bottle is done or give it to one of your friends.

I love it and recently bought the liter size from Curl Mart.
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I like it too - use it once a week.

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I use the clarifying shampoo when...I NEED TO CLARIFY. (ie, I sense the hair has build-up or before I do a deep protein reconstruction treatment to make sure hair is super-clean). I've also used it before I had my hair dyed, to make sure there was nothing coating my hair and impeding the dye.

I like Elucence the best of all I've tried.

It's too harsh for me to use often. The Elucence moisture poo (the orange one that smells of peaches) is a good "more frequent" shampoo for those who aren't Strict CG (ie, only co-wash).

I keep both in stock in my bathroom, cause they serve their purposes...and the bottle of Elucence Clarifying lasts me YEARS, cause I only use it once every couple months or less.
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