Ugh. This stuff has NO hold whatsoever, plus it's making my hair feel slimy, even without using too much. I had to put some of my trusty LA Looks Sports Gel over it to get it to do ANYTHING I was all excited about trying this inexpensive styling product(the Suave), and WHAT a let-down. What I am doing wrong, or is this just something my hair does NOT like? I'm actually tempted to wash my hair AGAIN today just to get this awful stuff out and start over, but it's getting late in the day to do so(just after noon)and have it sort of dry by the time I go to the gym. Usually I just use the gel I mentioned, as I've found that "curl creams" and "mousses" of various sorts don't have enough hold for my 2c-3a hair. But since there were such GREAT reviews of the Suave Captivating Curls Mousse around on the web, I was looking forward to trying something new. No go. Any thoughts? And no, I'm NOT into using more than one styler at once in my hair - I only did so today out of desperation. My hair is in pretty good shape because I do take care of it. Oh, one more comment about the mousse - it STINKS to high heaven with a really strong fragrance. and I'm sensitive to fragrances in general(they often give me headaches, or if on skin, rashes).