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kolochita 09-08-2013 07:37 AM

Curlies in the Netherlands
I found a really nice, cheap CG conditioner in Kruidvat: Inecto Pure Coconut Conditioner. No silicones or 'quats, which aren't really a problem for me, since I'm still using a mild shampoo I brought with me. I really love the scent; it's creamy and moisturizes well my hair. It was a nice surprise, actually (I first bought it to replace a rinse-out I left behind at a friend's house :/).
That conditioner I lost was also bought here, at De Tuinnen, the Dr. Organic Honey conditioner. It was 3x more expensive than the Inecto one, but I didn't feel it moisturized as well (I had to use a lot of it as well). The loss of it hurt my wallet, but not my hair haha.

I might try the Inecto shampoo, even though it has SLS, or maybe the sulfate-free shampoos from Dr. Organic are more impressive than the conditioners...has anyone (in the Netherlands or otherwise in Europe) tried these?

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