Giovanni 2chic Tangerine and Papaya Butter

Hey, Giovanni came out with a new 2chic product - Tangerine and Papaya Butter for fine, limp hair. Just broke down and bought the shampoo at Whole Foods. Would have also gotten the conditioner but I have just too dang much. Has anyone seen this or tried it? Will be trying probably tomorrow

2c/3a - fine - medium porosity & density
I really want to like these lines but there is so much glycerin that it doesn't earn any points with me

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Saw this but haven't tried it yet, let us know!
Curly in AZ-2c-3a/Cherub/fine-med. texture/high porosity/normal elasticity/highlighted
Wash-Desert essence mango, Giovanni pineapple ginger, Dermorganic curl cleanser
Cond.- Desert essence mango, Giovanni pineapple ginger, Dermorganic curl conditioner
Leave In- Conditioner large pea size
Stylers- Condition 3-in-1 mousse, Biologe mousse, Bioterra gel, Paul Mitchell sculpting foam,original sprout gel, BRHG,O'right golden rose serum, Shaper hairspray for extra hold.

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