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I currently do not co-wash, but I want to start in order to shampoo less. I start to look pretty greasy after 2-3 days without washing. Overall my hair seems less dry since switching to sulfate free shampoo and leavening a little conditioner in my hair. My hair is thick, but due to its fine texture, is easily weighed down. Which co-wash do you think you'll better? Thanks!
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I love the as i am cowash, but if your hair is really fine I would auggest you the cjdf. It has also a chelator agent that will reduce build up in hard water zones!
As I am cleansing pudding is better suited for finer hair textures, more that the as i am cowash.
For the price, cj is higher, as i am cheaper.
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I've used both. For my fine hair AIA over-conditioned me rather quickly, whereas the CJDF has not.
That being said, the AIA never weighed me down or left me greasy- just OC'd and limp after about 3 months of use. The CJDF is moisturizing as well, but also has protein in it, which I think keeps my waves moisturized and perky! Additionally, I have hard water and the CJDF has ETDA which removes hard water deposits from hair.
If I had to chose one for my fine, low porosity hair, I'd pick the CJDF.
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I cowash a lot almost every day and found using cjdf on day 3 helps with build up. I never used as I am simply because it is in a jar. I am not that well coordinated and know it would be a disaster.
I have both. I love the CJDF for its moisturizing purposes and chelating perk. HOwever, if I use it alone constantly, I get limp hair. It weighs down hair some (or at least, mine). I alternate cowashing cleansers. I have CJDF, AS I AM (which cleans well, but can be more drying than CJDF), Eden's, Darcy's Botanicals, and Jessicurls cleansing cream. I also have bottles of Elucence's clarifying (which I've had 3 years and still not finished, cause I don't need it often) and their moisture balance shampoo. I use whatever I feel like my hair wants or just I feel like when I'm in the shower. I go by feel. And sometimes I use two: a stronger one on scalp and a moisturizing on the rest.

So, all that to say try both and see which your hair prefers or if you alternate and benefit. AIA is cheaper and available on the ground. CJDF is expensive and you pretty much have to order online. (CJ has an annual Black Friday sale, so if you love it, stock up then and get a nice discount.) If your budget is a key issue--go with AIA.

But know that the As I Am comes in a jar and it's a pain in the butt in the shower. The Eden is in a jar, too. Make sure you wash your hands before dipping in and dry them to open the lid, or get ready to start dropping stuff all over ; )
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I have both, and love both. However, I have coarse hair so your results may vary! If I had to pick one, I would pick CJ. However, AIA is so cheap, it's worth trying.

The other cowash I really like is Trader Joes TTT conditioner. It's very light, and cheap, and I can get decent sudsing if I use enough. If you have a TJ close, try it out too.
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