The Body Shop Rainforest SHINE shampoo + Tresemme moisture silicone free conditioner

Hello! I have really thin wavy(used to be curly but after the damage it doesnt curl now which makes me sad the most )\damaged fine hair but the main problem is that it falls like crazy so i'm trying to grow it back healthier and thicker specially the ends are too thin!! I suffer from damage though i don't use heat! I wash my hair 2-3 times a week it's oily from the scalp and extremely dry through the entire hairshaft so i'm trying a new routine where i oil it for a couple of hours before washing once a week and i don't know what best oil or diy can i use as a leave in? Like i heard of using food jello in my hair or jojoba oil or olive oil? It's too tangly and frizzy! and what do you think of those two shampoos? The Body Shop Rainforest SHINE sulfate paraben silicone free shampoo + Tresemme naturals nourushing moisture silicone free conditioner? Any reviews? THANK YOU!!

I hope someone who has advice or knows these products tell me what to do
I haven't tried the Body Shop one but I've been using the Tresemme for quite some time and love it. It moisturises really well for me without being heavy (my hair's quite fine).
3b in South Australia.

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