Batia and Aleeza v. Curl Keeper

I have tried both of these gels, and here are the similarities and differences. I prefer the Batia and Aleeza.

Both have a very watery consistency, more like water instead of gel.

BA has no glycerin, like the CK.

BA contains hydrolyzed wheat protein, which for me, means more curl encouragement. (My hair loves hydrolyzed wheat protein, and for some reason, more and more curl products no longer contain this ingredient.)

BA provides hold without crunch, just enough for me to form my curls into some curl pattern if necessary.

BA works well enough on its own without another gel or product. With CK, I have to use a gel under it. CK has no hold for me.

BA does much better for second and even third day hair than CK. I just spritz some water on my hair 2nd or 3rd day and go.

BA smells like coconut, which sometimes gets on my nerves after a while. CK has a flowery scent that I really don't like.

BA controls frizz better than CK, without the stringy strands wet look.

My hair is fine textured but a lot of it. I am thrilled with the BA gel, since it is light and doesn't leave a product feel.

Anyone else have similar experiences with these two products?
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I actually had completely opposite results. I couldn't get the Batia & Aleeza gel to work with my hair for anything, and I really wanted to like it because of the protein. I didn't hate it, I just didn't like it either. I always liked Curl Keeper for frizz reduction layered between my curl cream and my gel, but I also recently found that it works well for me alone over a generous amount of conditioner. Just enough definition that I can't get from straight conditioner only styling.

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