Wen: should I bother?

I work for Guthy Renker and I got a free kit of Wen. I got the cleansing conditioner, styling cream, remoist intense treatment, replenishing treatment mist and texture balm all in sweet almond mint. I'm completely CG, no silicones and these products have them so I'm weary on trying them because I know if I do this means I'll have to start CG over again to go back. Has anyone tried this stuff? I want to know if I should just give it to my mom for Christmas lol.
I tried Wen last year because I had heard great things about it. Honestly, for me it was the absolute worst hair products I had ever used. My hair was healthy and soft at the time but Wen dried it out sooo bad. It was a tangled mess that felt like straw. I have never had my hair feel that damaged & dry. A lot of people seem to like it, but it did awful things to my hair. I read all of his tutorials, watched videos, & followed his instructions and tips to a T but still got awful results. I wouldn't recommend Wen to anyone. Also, I think it's quite humorous that his ads claim he has discovered a "revolutionary" technique of cleansing hair w/o shampoo & using a cleansing conditioner instead. Co-washing has been around for much longer than Wen

(after my Wen disaster I looked up reviews online on several diff websites & a lot of people had the same issues I had. I just think it's a terrible product.)

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I tried Wen a few years ago, when I was still in my pre-CG days. I followed the instructions to a tee, but it left my scalp and hair pretty dirty. I had to wash my hair everyday and it felt greasy and gross. This is probably because his method isn't quite co-washing. He focuses on cleansing the hair, but not the scalp. So anyone who follows it will get major product build up.

Overall, it is not a damaging product, but I didn't find it to be a helpful one either.

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