Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Cream

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For the mod. cg's out there, I have been using the cantu shea butter for about 3 weeks. I try to give a product at least 2-3 weeks before reviewing it- this is my own personal thing.

Anyway, I really love it. For some, it can leave hair hard with a residue, for myself, it leaves my hair soft. What I also love about it, is how I can use it on dry and wet hair. I can also use it on 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc hair. I think it's great alone or with a gel. I also like using it for braid-outs or twist-outs. I would recommend this product for curlies/wavies whose properties would be ideal for it.

I also liked that it was only $4.99 at Walgreens and it comes in a huge tub.
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Hello! I use the Cantu Co Wash and the leave-in conditioning repair cream. I love the results! Im a newbie, i BC 12/23/13, and i must say it has made a HUGE difference in my hair. Im a 4a/4b, i think lol.. I read somewhere that you cant tell ur true curl pattern until about five my hair was pretty heat damaged and extremely dry. At first when i tried the leave in conditioner i had the white residue. But i realized that u dont need to use much. I also mix castor oil and evoo in my conditioner and i make sure i masdage it in for a few minutes..and no kore residue!! I also mix a raw egg into my co wash. My hair is so much softer, and now i can actually see curls. I also noticed i dont have any frizz anymore. I also purchased the Cantu define and shine custard. I not quite sure im ready to use it yet, my fro is very small. So i guess ill wait a few months and then try it on my twist out or something.

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Yes, I love this stuff!!

Im a 2c/3a and I use this when I come out of the shower on soaking wet hair to seal my ends and as a general leave in. Sometimes I apply it in the shower all over and do a very quick cold rinse to get out excess. It always leaves my hair feeling very soft and protected and nice, not with the residue some speak of.

I think people who get residue are using too much or using it wrong. I need to use a VERY small amount of this product to make it effective. It also smells great!!

Just wanted to put that out there so people aren't afraid of it, especially people with finer hair. I love this stuff.

And cheap! About 5 bucks in the ethnic hair section at walmart. I guess sometimes ethnic includes polish lol all the best hair products are in the ethnic section!!!! Once you go black you never go back at least not with hair products that's where all the natural moist stuff is hiding at.....

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It makes my hair dry and leaves residue, but for the people who can use it I heard it is pretty good
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