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I've heard a lot of great things about kinky curly curling custard and wanted to give it a try, but a lot of people say it only works well over kinky curly knot today leave in. Is this true? Anyone used the gel and what did you think?
I use KKCC without Knot Today and have no problems. My hair is dense, low porosity, med-coarse and 3b/c. Though the knot today is good, it doesn't provide enough moisture for my naturally dry hair. The kkcc, however, gives shine and definition. I have to use a lot more now because I moved to a city with more moisture (Dallas) from a desert (Phoenix). I guess if you live in a humid.place, the gel should last you at least 4-6 months.

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I also use KCCC without Knot Today and my properties are different from MultiCult's. My hair is kind of coarse, 3a, not very thick and highly porous. I found Knot Today made my hair too soft in a weird way.

KCCC takes some try outs to get the amount right and kind of figure it out. It's a unique product - I haven't found anything else like it. Please post back and let us know if you like it.
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I love all the Curl Junkie products. Still experimenting with gels and curl creams. Still hoping for 2nd day hair....
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I don't agree you need KCKT for KCCC to work. I use it with my TN and its great. I find the gel to be great overall and definitely worth the money. I have had mine for about 10 months and I use it as my daily styler.

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I didn't find KCKT moisturizing enough for my hair. I use it with a lot of different products as my leave in. One of my favorite combos is CK Curlycue ReNew/KCCC. In the really low dewpoints, I find that using a DT as my leave in is really helpful.
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KCKT leaves my hair white even if I use a little so I have to rinse it out.

According to the instructions on the container being 3c/4a I shouldn't need to.

I therefore use other detanglers/leave-ins under KCCC.
I bought it and found I had to water it down to use it. I put 1 tbsp in a 16 oz bottle of purified water and spritz it on my hair as a styler. When the jar was half empty, I added more purified water to thin it out.

Now it is down to 1/4 and I added 1/4 water and shake however today I had to do something different and it worked.

I was rushing around getting ready for school after studying all night. I had put my hair in a "pineapple" and when I do that it is only curly at the top [ends], the rest is wavy when I take it down. Usually I spritz it to get my curls back however today I didn't want to go out with damp hair. I decided to take the KCCC and finger combed it through all of my dry hair and see how it comes out.

My curls came out wonderful! I will keep using it like this and see how it turns out.
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I tried KCCC for the first time Sunday night. I had the best results. My curls were defined, had shine, and more curl. I was in love! Unfortunately, I have not been able to duplicate my awesome curls in the last couple days. I'm either using too much product or not enough. I need to remember how much product I used on Sunday. I won't give up!

Oh, I used DevaCurl OneC as my leave-in before applying KCCC.
Kccc worked for me using it by itself when my hair was bleached. I had great definition and no crunch. I recently went black again and I have no Idea why it doesn't work for me anymore. Sticky, hit or miss sad looking curls

You definitely don't need kckt to use with it. Try it on its own!

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KCCC works great with anything. Although, I will say that I personally seem to get 5x more hold when used in conjunction with KCKT. It seems to noticeably stiffen my hair.
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I personally am not a fan of KCKT but I absolutely love KCCC. I use KCCC with just about anything, it gives good hold but doesn't leave my hair too crunchy (doesn't take much to SOTC). Initially I wasn't excited about the price for such a small container since I used to get a tub size of gel for like $3 from walmart so this was a big change for me. However, a lot goes a long way, if I use it sparingly it will last me for months.
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