KCCC--How should I be using this?

So I just invested in KCCC and KCKT because I've heard such great things. I LOVE gel and can't live without it, and my favorite up to this point was DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel. I don't mind that it gets crunchy, because I generally love how defined my hair is once I scrunch out the crunch.

Anyways, I bought KCKT and I've had some weird struggles so far. Yesterday I used the two together, and I DEFINITELY used too much product (something I don't usually struggle with because I often use a lot with my gels to make sure that my hair is under control). It was sticky and gross and took forever to dry.

Today I decided to try it again and use way less of the KCCC. I put in the KCKT and it felt awesome in my hair and distributed nicely, then the SECOND I put in the KCCC it made my hair feel like straw and really hard to distribute. I did some research and some people experienced this "negative slip" thing but a lot said that their hair still dried nicely.

So anyways, now my hair is dry and it's relatively nice but still has this weird product-y feeling which I'm not a fan of. I would say I'd just stop using the KCCC but it made my hair clump BEAUTIFULLY--better than I've ever seen it. Thus, I really want to love this product and figure out how to make it work! Any suggestions? Or maybe another product suggestion that I should try instead? Thanks!
How are you applying KCCC? I find to apply the gel evenly I have to apply it in sections. I have also found that just raking KCCC through each section is enough and combing afterwards doesn't really help. I just comb through my LI and rake KCCC in afterwards.

Since KCCC seems more than potent enough for you perhaps it would distribute better for you if you mix in a tad bit of water with it before applying.
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I do the same, comb the kckt and rake then scrunch the kccc. I also have to apply it to soaking wet hair, I apply it right in the shower.
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Try using it without the KCKT. Just add some of your usual RO conditioner back in. If that doesn't do it, and you aren't already doing the baptismal rinse, try that. If you are doing the baptismal rinse already, try not doing it.

I always squish KCCC (as I do with other stylers too) into my wet hair very thoroughly, let it sit a little while, then scrunch dry with a smooth surfaced towel, then shake my head. After that, I go to bed with a towel over my pillow, scrunching my hair one last time as I lay my head down, and let my hair sort itself out overnight. Any weirdness is gone by the time I wake up, although my hair may not be dry by then.

Another option is cocktailing it with DevaCurl B'LeaveIn in your hand just before squishing it in.

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I've been using KCCC lately and here's how it works for me-I scrunch my hair till it's damp and then I scrunch in the KCCC. I don't rake it through and I don't use a lot. If I do it just seems wet all day and gunky. It is a light hold for me. If I want something stronger I use Herbal Essences Set Me Up gel.
I'm going to go ahead and say 3a
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Trying KKCC

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