Protein-light Conditioner?

I am in need of a new conditioner, as I believe my current Suave Keratin Infusion has too much protein. (My 2a hair has been feeling kinda stiff when I get out of the shower/air dry it and the ends have been awful/dry/slightly breaking off.)

However, I just got over a month-long struggle with over-conditioned hair and I'm hesitant to remove all protein from my routine. (The shampoo I use has no protein, Loreal EverPure, so I need protein in my conditioner.)

Does anyone know of anything (preferably drugstore brand) that's like...protein-light? Most of the brands I've seen either have a) no protein or b) wheat protein, which seems to be kind of a harsh/strong protein

Any ideas?
i believe curl junkie curl rehab is protein-free. you can use it as a leave in. it is moisturizing and lightweight.
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Shea moisture anti breakage masque or the shea moisture volumizing conditioner. Both are light protein products and work very well

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