Does the SheaMoisture Raw Shea Masque contain protein?

As I was looking at the raw shea masque's ingredient attributes in curlmart I noticed that "protein free" was not listed. I wondered if this was because one or more the ingredients contains protein since nothing stood out to me. When I use the masque I notice that my hair may feel somewhat dry unless I pre mix it with olive oil. I'm now not sure if this is a result of the protein content on my protein sensitive hair or if others without protein sensitivity have experienced this as well. I assumed this deep conditioner was strictly moisturizing.

* I haven't tried the Camille Rose Naturals algae deep conditioner but I have intentions to purchase it and noticed that it also wasn't listed as "protein free".

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The raw shea line is protein free. I'm sensitive to protein as well and this masque didn't do well for my hair. It left it mediocre at best. Didn't soften my curls or anything, even with heat.
Actually it does have protein in it.
It doesn't have "protein free" on it for that reason. Sea kelp and panthenol is what I see that are protein.

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