I have tried all kinds of products and kind of forgot about this one. I rediscovered it recently and thought I'd share. To add some shine and moisture, I mix the Mandarin Magic Jelly with my gel (I use Biolage Gelée). It works really well!

I bought some at iherb.com and if you use my code (DEY827), you can get up to $10 off. Not bad!
Aubrey Organics, Mandarin Magic, Hair Moisturizing Jelly, 8 fl oz (237 ml) - iHerb.com
2b/3a in Vancouver, Canada
loving my own homemade Satsuma scented agave spiked FSG
also the combo of Satsuma scented AOMM and Biolage Gelée

yup, I'm an unabashed PJ!
For up to $10 off at iherb.com, use this linked code: DEY827