Styling products, gels, to go with B2B Pom

I haven't changed up my hair stuff in a while, so it seems about time.

Right now I'm using White Rain Energising Citrus CO with B2B Pom Condish. Then I use Garnier Sleek n Shine Leave in, with HE HDG.

Seems to be working okay, but sometimes my hair gets frizzy and weird.

You know, I've never had the 'OMG MY HAIR IS SO UNFRIZZY/CLUMPY/SHINY' thing. It's always like..."yeah, this seems to be okay. My hair's not too frizzy today." So anyways

So what styling products/gels/leave-ins do you recommend for my hair? I mostly want de-frizzing and hold and maybe some clumps. I also just want to keep my hair from poofing out so much.

Oh, also: there is this really annoying patch of hair on my left side that is frizzy and undefined. So what could I do to encourage curl there? Recoil, maybe?

3b/c...or thereabouts.


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So you have a stash of Humidity Defying Gel? Your hair isn't protein-sensitive, then? I couldn't use that gel daily because the protein would make my hair get all rough and fuzzy.
yeah you might just need a gel with no protein in it.
I've used HE HDG with the b2b fine, HE Totally twisted is nice with it but if you need more hold then SMU is good too and more hold. Suave #10 is good, reduces volume and I didn't get frizz with that one.
The only one I get a bit of frizz with is my aloe gel, I think it's not humid enough but warmer now for the combo. I'm going to try again when it's humid summer.

Oh hey you know what gel gives me shiny frizz free hair (almost forgot about it) is Aveda flax seed gel. The flax does amazing things for my hair
Low porosity, medium texture.

If it smells good put it in your hair, if it tastes good spit it out!
I use the B2B - it's one of my HGs. Love it. And I use the following to style with good results lately:

Aussie Dual Personality Leave In/Volumizer
L'Oreal Out of Bed Texturizer
A smidge of HESMU gel (the blue tube)

I apply in sopping wet hair and plop while getting dressed. I've been getting kick-ass curls.

And I have 3b/c curls.
3b (I think!)
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Oh wow did I say the Humidity Defying Gel? I meant the Set Me Up, sorry. ^^;;

Thanks for the suggestions! I'll try the Aussie Dual Leave in....I'm also thinking of the LOOB and possibly trying the homemade flax seed gel again.
3b/c...or thereabouts.


Password: curlomania
(albums are on the lefthand side)
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LOOB is definitely worth a try.

I find that overdoing the leave-in works against the holding power of SMU and can leave me frizzy. That may not be the case for everyone, but you could try using a bit less leave-in.
Spray gel is my go to product on stubborn parts or pieces of my hair. When my hair is about half dry, and I can start seeing the undefined, fuzzy curls I spray it on and scrunch it in, and then diffuse, and it perks my hair right up. Right now I am using HE Set Me Up and it is pretty good, but Aveda Sap Moss Styling Spray (looks like a gel) is the bomb for giving me spirals and shine.
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SapphireWingstar did you find a combo that works for you with the B2B Pom CO? I just bought a bottle today, my hair is tired of the Garnier Sleek and Shine CO. Our hair is similar so any info would be helpful.
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