CurlMart products question...

So I want to try some conditioners from CurlMart but I have fragrance sensitivities, so I am wondering which ones have strong smelling fragrances that I should stay away from.

Anyone that has used a lot of curl mart conditioners...could you tell me which ones had overpowering scents and which ones had more suttle scents? I just want to try to save myself from ordering something that has an overpowering strong fragrance so I don't waste a ton of money.

I've already tried the jessicurl products so I know those ones can be fragrance free...but I'm thinking about trying curl junkie conditioners and maybe some others.

Could you guys also let me know what conditioners from CurlMart are good? I have 3b curls, low porosity, protein sensitive. I'm new to online curly hair products so the only brands I have only heard of is jessicurl and curl junkie. Any recommendations?

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You can customize your search on Curl Mart to narrow down the products. Then, find YouTube reviews for the ones you are most interested in. Most people doing reviews will mention the scent--especially if they find it overpowering.
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