Hello everyone!

I just purchased Dr.Bronner's soap, but shortly after I read about the issues one may have when using it with hard water, which is the case in my area (Spain).

I've also come across some people that said that it works fine as long as you boil the water before mixing with the soap, to get rid of the minerals on the water and/or use the ACV mix to rinse afterwards - I guess it's a matter of trying it once I get it and see how it works on my hair but I'd like to know if someone in here has had the same problem with hard water and how you worked it out.

It's a pain to find nice products for curly hair over here, all of them have sulfates on shampoo and silicones on conditioners so I've been searching for a long time to find a good product on the internet that isn't too expensive/with a crazy shipping fee (that if I'm lucky and the store has international shipping to Spain). I've always wanted to try Shea Moisture products but I've had the problems I've mentioned above with the price.

I'm not sure about my curl pattern just yet, I'd say I'm 3C but it looks a lot like the other coily hair patterns as well... I'm a newbie in this yet, so I'm still figuring out. My father has curly hair, he's from Equatorial Guinea and my mother's hair is all straight so I think my pattern would be a mix of several ones. When it's styled it rests on my shoulders and I have a whoole lot of volume, which makes it difficult to keep the curl anywhere except the very ends of my hair.

Sorry for my English in advance, I hope this topic isn't misplaced or repeated - my apologies if that's the case. Any help would be really appreciated!

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