Giovanni Products

Has anyone used these or know which ones are CG?


Also some styling products but wasn't really interested in those.

I think they're all CG, if for CG, protein is acceptable. I know sometimes protein can make hair feel dry, but if it's not a problem for you, then Giovanni products are very good and moisturizing. Again, they do contain plenty of wheat and soy proteins. At leas for the Giovanni conditioners I've used.
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Yup, they're all CG. And fabulous. I love the 50/50 co, TTTT co, 50/50 poo, Silk-whatever co, and Direct Leave-In (but I just use the 50/50 co for leave in now). Haven't tried the TTTT poo yet but I bet I'd like it. They make great products, especially the 50/50 co.
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I used the TTT s&c and liked it, but I think the products had too much oil for me.
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does anyone know which have proteins and which dont?
Everything I've used contained proteins, I believe. I haven't had any problems but YMMV.
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I've used the 50:50 Remoisturizer and the Triple Treat - loved them both and never had any problems. Except I HATE the bottles! So darn hard to get the last bit of product out :x !

One of these days, when I weed through the 16 conditioners I have in waiting, I'm going to try the Direct Leave-in.
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I havent tried these, but I recently tried the sunset styling solution and the gel. These are wonderful! I get defined curls in no time. I put the styling solution in a spray bottle and spray it in my hair once I rinse out my conditioner. Then I scrunch in the gel, plop and diffuse. I am hoping its the product and not the warmer weather that's doing me a favor......
I hate those darn bottles too! So annoying. Plus the top traps water like crazy and it's almost impossible to get it all out to pack the bottle for a trip.
I'm always happy when I can find a place with the giant bulk bottles with a pump. You just put the amount you want into a nice rounded push top bottle. It's a little cheaper too. Earth Fare usually has this set-up.
2/f/i, waist length w/ long layers
pwd: hair

~a wave in a sea of curls

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