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Mkay, I am new here, and need a gel to try. I am currently using Alo Vera Gel, but want something to make my curls, well more defined. I am about a 3a.

I have read around on the website here, and am getting the book tomorrow. I have also started the 'no poo' routine.
Have you tried adding honey to the AVG yet? It usually improves hold and clumping, I really won't use my FOTEAVG any other way (I use about 1/4 tsp. honey per 2 Tbsp. gel).
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I like the edible Aloe Vera you get at health food stores over the actual gel. It's very liquidy, so a little harder to work with, but I think it actually helps w/ curl definition.

Also wanted to add that when you use an AV gel, you want to make sure you get one that doesn't have any drying alcohol in it. Some brands contain SD Alcohol 40 as the second ingredient.
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